The 2019 season of Pandemic Survival has been announced by Z-Man Games. Pandemic is a co-operative game created by Matt Leacock in 2008, winning loads of awards and is one of the board game greats. In the game you aim to cure four diseases spread over cities around the world. You play roles such as an Operations Expert, Medic and Scientist, as a team to cure all cities with infection cubes before they spread and take over.

Pandemic Survival is a tournament format of Pandemic, having two teams compete to first find all four cures or be the last team standing by the end of the game! Survival is the standard game, however the difference is a team’s game will differ depending on the choices they make. Also, turns have a time limit and there is a single infection deck which The Game Master draws from so both teams face the same threat.

Pandemic Survival is in its fifth year of tournaments, and this new form of gameplay will be hosted at a number of stores and conventions with event dates to be confirmed. There are also prizes on the line! You can win the Pandemic Survival World Championship and a trip to any city that is on the Pandemic board!

You will need to bring your own original copy of the game. The card deck will be pre-stacked and shuffled for easier setup. For more information go here, and you can look at the rules for Pandemical Survival here. If you love Pandemic you’ll love this without a doubt, see whether you can take part!

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