Let the nightmare continue and fill your darkest fears as it enters a new realm below. Ankama BoardGames, the makers of Monster Slaughter, have put up an extension for the game called Monster Slaughter: Underground, and at the time of writing this, they have reached their goal nearly 6x times over with 6 days to go!

It was already funded in one hour, which astoundingly shows the support for this game. This addition expands what the makers have started, adding a new room – the cabins basement! Also, you get new special guests and new scenarios. The focus here is to divide players into groups, blindly wondering the dark rooms thinking they’re safe…or are they?

In the expansion you get a new 3D room, new surprise visitors and a new mutation system. You also get bonus nocturnal event cards, object cards, action cards and a new set of basement event cards. This does require the main retail game to work. The developers show appreciation for all of their fans support and are dedicated to making the players experience absolute.

Monster Slaughter on its own looks seriously cool and filled with creativity, turning the horror genre on its head with a miniature game that let’s you do the hunting with monsters and slaying intolerable teens, which has gained huge praise. Now dive further into this creepy world as you corner the humans to their doom. Check it out here!

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