A new card game series will be released by Bezier Games at Gen Con this year and in stores in September. Called Silver and made by Ted Alspach, this game carries on his interest of lycanthropy where a village is taken over by werewolves. Silver will be the first game in the series to be released.

In Silver, each player manages their own village which is made up of five facedown villager cards. Each villager has a unique ability as well as a number which shows how many werewolves that resident attracts. The game starts with players taking a peek at two of their five cards, and each turn they choose a villager to either replace or activate their ability.

There are fourteen special abilities in total, allowing you to perform manoeuvres such as swapping cards with other players villages, viewing more face down cards, protecting your cards and more. If a player is sure they have the least count of werewolves between their cards, they can call for a vote.

If they are right they score zero for that round, if not they receive the number of points equal to the sum of the village points plus ten. The other players receive the sum of their village points and the player with the lowest number earns a silver medallion, granting their village some protection in the next round. The player with the lowest points after four rounds wins.

Following Silver, the second game in the series is called Silver Bullet, which is both a standalone game and an expansion for Silver. This doubles the number of resident cards as well as provides more unique abilities. This creates a new experience, giving you a number of possible combinations to mix the values of the cards. In Silver Bullet you also get a silver amulet which protects you from werewolves, and a silver bullet allowing you to shoot a suspected werewolf. This will be released in October.

With more games in the Silver series planned to be released in 2020, providing more residents, special abilities, combinations, and silver tokens with powers for the winner of a round, this is a great stream of games to take a bite out of from Bezier Games!

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