If you want a taste of that scum and villainy adventure, you can find a piece of it right here! Fantasy Flights have posted a preview of their new game Star Wars Outer Rim, which looks at scoundrels and bounty hunters traveling along the edge of the galaxy to avoid authorities and obtain credits, all whilst building legacies from the stories of their journeys.

How famous or infamous you become rests on you flying from planet to planet doing odd jobs and growing your notoriety. As you live out your adventure you will need to be aware of Imperials, Rebels, Crime Lords and Hutts who have patrols keeping an eye out on the Outer Rim, and you can either do jobs for some of them or try to avoid any entanglements with them completely.

In this game you can smuggle cargo, hunt bounties or perform other activities, and you will need to travel across the Galaxy to achieve these goals. Each turn you can either recover damage from your character or ship, move across the map, earn extra credits, or do odd jobs such as security gigs or herding nerfs.

Achieve the status of legend across the Galaxy, never staying on just one planet, constantly moving to do various jobs and avoiding trouble to survive. Think you’re up to the challenge? Want to go on a space adventure? Read more on the game’s preview here, they even provide a YouTube live stream for over 2 and a half hours explaining what Star Wars Outer Rim is all about! Boba would be proud.

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