Victor Frankenstein’s work is brought back to life as monsters roam the streets. Plaid Hat Games, the makers of Tail Feathers, Starship Samurai, Stuffed Fables and Samurai, have announced a new game called Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein, where in this Abomination game, you can create your own monsters.

Within the announcement:

“The year is 1819, and a sinister darkness has descended upon the city of Paris. A mysterious benefactor, one with off-putting coloration and an array of ghastly scars, has created a competition to determine which studious soul can unlock the secrets of Frankenstein’s research.

Plaid Hat Games is proud to announce Abomination, a game based on Mary Shelley’s immortal novel Frankenstein. Set twenty years after the events in the book, each player will take on the role of an up-and-coming scientist, racing to become the first to create a viable companion for their strange new patron.”



For 2-4 players, roam around Paris to seek funding, perform research, as well as bribe, steal and murder in order to obtain materials. Go back with your laboratory to work with your assistants and create your monster. You will have to work fast before parts decompose and your benefactors are displeased. Also beware of Frankenstein’s friend, Captain Robert Walton, who vowed to destroy any work you create, and let nothing stop you from creating life…life…LIFE!!!

You can read more about the game here.

There is no known release date yet for the Abomination game, but the game is out for pre-order right now and most likely to be out this summer. Be sure to look out for this gothic release, as well as look round the corner for any new creations running amok…

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