Hello all, welcome to my I Win Board Games website. I, like many of you, love board games, and they’ve been something close to me since childhood.

In fact, I love games in general, video games (Crash Bandicoot was my first PS1 game), puzzles (word searches and Sudoku’s are a top pick), game shows (can’t go wrong with Catch Phrase and Crystal Maze), heck I even dedicated time studying YouTube videos to solve a Rubik’s cube in a matter of minutes! (A good trick I used to impress a date).

Living in UK with a cupboard of board game delights, I found I wanted to let out my passion more than the odd five-minute conversation with family or friends. So I wanted to show and give people the same joy and fun I’ve experienced growing up. Sparking the inner gamer within people, I aim to share my thoughts and experiences so that you might find those games which bring a smile to your face.

With much research I worked hard to create reviews I hope some might like on plenty of games, as well as others outside the board game realm, such as card games.

A Little History Between Me And Board Games

I was quite the socialite as a kid growing up, meeting people was not my bag. I was usually one for doing my own thing. I spent a LOT of time playing PlayStation games on school nights up in my room, not even seeing family much.

But as I grew older one of the elements that helped me come out of my shell more was board games, especially with family. I cannot count the number of times we play Frustration, Guess Who, Hangman, Mastermind, Monopoly, Buckaroo, Kerplunk, Jenga, Operation, Cluedo, and plenty more. It was like tapping into a getaway from the real world to have some pure enjoyment.

I remember there was a time when I would arrange a games night with me and my sister when younger, where we’d face off in a number of games, whoever won each game would get a point, and the person with the most points wins a trophy. I made both the trophy and my own game used on the night out of paper and cello tape.

I also found board games as a means to bring out my competitive side. To this day I’ve always been determined, I worked very hard to obtain a career I have in web development, and though I may fail at times, I’ve had a strong mindset to at least give my full effort in whatever I’m doing. My earliest memories of this in its simplest form was whilst playing board games, a determination to succeed, who knows if I’d have the same attitude without them. Competition and ambition are good attributes to have

Although of course as you get older the fun and games will be put to the wayside, they still have a good place in my heart. It’s good for us all to let out our inner kid sometimes, and I think we all do in the form of games. This website is a piece of me put online letting out that side of me, and whatever games I come across will be sure to show that as I review them and let out anything else related bottled inside!

The World Of Board Games Now

A lot has changed from the days of chess and backgammon (which are still two are of the most famous games ever). Throughout history board games have been present, going back at least as far as the Egyptian period. Though it’s hard to get a new-hit-wonder that stands the test of time, millions of board games are always getting sold, even the same games in different forms, ahem…Monopoly?

In todays age of the internet it seems that board games have held their own and flourished. Many adults will tell you of their childhoods growing up with them, and even though the internet has changed things, the old school face-to-face, social side of games is still popular today. Not to mention the internet helps spread word of any new games out, or reintroduce those already famous or maybe forgotten.

For a few years it felt like video games were taking over, where the traditional would be swapped out for the virtual. But thankfully a resurgence arrived with sales growing high online, board game cafes opening all over the world, and you’ll eventually come across those who run their own board game nights for the public! Even Kickstarter is getting more funding to build new board games than video games, showing the life of them can go on with the times.

These forms of entertainment have become a great part of human culture, continuously marketed with the idea of bringing families together and having a shared experience, which is quite unique. In fact, they can give people a break from the online world as they gather round the table, focus on their tasks, and not get distracted by what’s going on within social media. To get that personal feel with good communication, there’s still nothing like it even today that connects people.

Bringing People Back To The Table

Although board games are still thriving today, there are plenty of people who think they are dying out, and worse, that it’s no great loss! For some video games have taken over, parents find their kids spending more time in front of the console, and the games they used to play are getting dust in the corner. A statistic by Barclaycard has shown that though 73% of parents remember playing board games as kids, 44% percent of children say they do now.

Some find they can be boring or have too many rules, which I understand, I’ve come across a few myself, some board games are not too well-designed. But I feel there is something there that can be passed to future generations, teaching them learn values and getting on with others, and all they need is a bit of help to decide which ones. You can have a child and their grandfather be on the same level whilst playing a board game and find themselves bonding over it.

So I’d just like to do my part and bring a little awareness to a nugget of fun that might have been missed by some. I hope I can at least remind or ease the idea of board games to those who may be on the fence, perhaps unaware, and keep this awesome world alive! At the very least have a rummage and browse on my site, fingers crossed there is something on here you might like or maybe jog your memory.

I’m happy to hear your thoughts on any board games you’ve played or spotted. Have a look around and if you have anything to share I’d love to learn more views or feelings in this games genre!

Thank you for reading. Wishing you well and happy playing!


Founder of I Win Board Games

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