The creators of The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms miniature game, Modiphius Entertainment, have announced a new card game to be released, but these are not just cards, they are Agatha Christie cards! Agatha Christie – Death On The Cards is a 2-6 player co-operative murder mystery game designed by Dr. Thomas Rawlings from Auroch Digital.

The game will stay close to its roots from the definitive stories written by Christie, featuring characters such as Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot, plus some more secretive characters like Mr. Harley Quin. Players must work together to solve a mystery. However beware, one of the players is the murderer and will try their best to stay anonymous, as well as all players have their own secrets.

The game includes 80 cards, made up of 25 detective cards, 22 event cards, 18 secret cards, 10 “Not so Fast” cards, 4 devious cards and 1 Murderer Escapes! card. Modiphius has the blessing of Agatha Christie Ltd to produce the cards, aimed for all children and adults. Christie’s grandson James Prichard commented on the production:

I’ve had enormous fun watching Death on the Cards develop. It’s an intelligent game of skill and misdirection that gives humorous nods to the characters and words of Agatha Christie. I expect it to be a hit with fans of my great-grandmother’s works, and for those of us who simply enjoy pitting our wits against friends and family.”

To find out more read here. The artwork on the Agatha Christie cards looks great and gives that good murder mystery feel, bringing out your inner detective (or criminal). The game is planned to hit retail stores this Christmas, what a shadowy Xmas present that would be. Fans of Christie and card games in alike should watch out for this well-made tribute game for a well-known franchise!

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