A company who creates premium miniature terrains, Dwarven Forges Kickstarter presents a new lava terrain called Hellscape, made up of scenery pieces and terrain tiles, creating striking layouts for all kinds Dungeons and Dragon and RPG games since the 90’s. These components have been hand-sculpted with great detail, allowing you to create endless combinations with little problem to expand your gaming experience.

Each tile is casted with a material called Dwarvenite, which makes them more durable without losing any quality, all whilst led by founder Stefan Pokorny. They are also made with a semi-translucent material that makes the lava on them glow when illuminated using special light panels that give off flickering LED lights, which are included with some pledges. The lava still looks good even without these, but they certainly add to the realism.

There are a number of add-ons, including the light panels and the choice of painted or unpainted terrain. This collection is a combination of new environments and updated pieces from Dwarven’s Caverns Deep to include the glowing lava.

Considering how impressive Hellscape, it does come at a price. There are four main pledge options, the cheapest being $49 for an array of scatter terrain. A $79 pledge will get you the first of three packs which give you different modular tiles.

The new tiles were previewed as a part of a diorama during D&D Live 2019, where it was announced the Descent Into Avernus adventure would be coming. Avernus sends players to hell, which perfectly suits the new terrain sets.

Dwarven Forges Kickstarter campaign for this has already soared past it’s near $79,000 target, and will continue running until July 2nd with the terrain expected to be delivered to backers next April. You can take a look at the campaign here. For that added layer of engagement to your gameplay, be sure to check this out!

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