Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress is a board game designed by Jervis Johnson, who also designed Advanced Heroquest. During the UK Games Expo, Games Workshop highlighted a Blackstone Fortress Expansion. Called Escalation, it adds onto the original within the Warhammer 40k Universe, introducing new characters, foes, and a new story chapter.

Players face Chaos Lord Obsidius Mallex who intends to threaten both Precipice and the Imperium of Man. Mallex now controls Blackstone Fortress, using it to defeat his foes, leaving players to fight for survival rather than treasure. In the bid to save the future of the Imperium, new heroes will be entering the fray, including a new Rogue Trader Captain.

You will find four new explorers in the expansion, including Primaris Psyker, Adeptus Ministorum and Servitor, along with their plastic models. Also, the Servants of the Abyss have cultists who are more brutal than the Slaves to Darkness in the main game, being led by the Firebrand.

You can use this Blackstone Fortress Expansion separately or with the existing collection, allowing you to create all kinds of different missions for high variability. These are cool, hardcore games, with all of the models presenting intriguing ways to influence gameplay. If this sounds like your thing, I’d definitely suggest you dive in and fight for treasure and the Fortress! Read here for more information.

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