Themeborne’s Escape the Dark Castle has a new sequel game coming out on Kickstarter. As the next edition of the Escape the Dark saga, the follow-up game looks to already keep the chrome components for its classic style. The adventure now takes place within a space station where players are captured, and they must escape using weaponry and gear to reach their ship.

Using the same engine as Castle, play through the story whilst working together to make it out, fighting aliens and cyborgs along the way. Also find several new features added, including a new system for ranged combat which gives concentrated firefights, additional tactical choices during firefights, as well as crew members getting cybernetic enhancements to give them new abilities.

Sector will be launched at the UK Game Expo on the 31st
of May, read more about it here. If it is anything similar to the sci-fi vibe Escape The Dark Castle provides, it will be one to look out for! Find out what strategy you will use to survive.

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