It was a coincidence choosing this game to review next with Easter approaching, so perhaps it was meant to be so that kids can get into the spirit of things early. A Ravensburger game for 2-4 players, this Funny Bunny board game has had quite some praise from families. The packaging and design looks colourful and aesthetically pleasing, and you can’t go wrong with bunnies in a kids game.

After the Ravensburger games I have reviewed previously, this one has a change of pace to it with its simplicity. This game has been around for a bit and has already had a newer version released. You never know which game will get traction, Don’t Be A Donkey is the easiest game in the world and that has some steam behind it! So what makes these rummaging rabbits so interesting? Let’s find out.

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What Do You Get?

  • 1 green hill board with a rotating carrot
  • 16 bunnies in 4 colors
  • 24 cards

How Do You Set It Up?

  1. The green hill is placed in the middle of the table.
  2. Each player takes 4 bunnies of the same colour. If only 2 or 3 are playing, put the remaining bunnies back in the box.
  3. One of the player shuffles the cards and places them beside the hill, picture side facing down.
  4. The player whose birthday is next goes first, play continues in a clockwise direction.

How Do You Play?

The bunnies are racing to get to the juicy carrot at the top of the hill, but throughout the path there are holes that can open up and the bunnies can tumble in and disappear. The first bunny to reach the top wins.

There are four types of card in the deck:

  • 1 Dot – Move forward 1 square
  • 2 Dots – Move forward 2 squares
  • 3 Dots – Move forward 3 squares
  • A carrot


  1. First remove the top card from the pile, then move your bunny up as many squares on the hill as are shown on the card. It’s up to you how many of your bunnies you bring into the game.
  2. Jump over any squares that are already occupied, they do not count. If there is a hole in your path, it does count, but you only fall into it if you land on it.
  3. If you get a carrot card, carefully turn the carrot in a clockwise direction until you hear a click. One of the squares on the path might open. If there is a bunny on the square they will fall in and are out of the game. Sometimes no hole opens and everyone is safe.
  4. As you go along there are obstacles which stop your bunnies, like a gate pushing you down to a different space, a mole pushing you off the hill so you go back to the start, and a drawbridge which stops you progressing completely.
  5. If all four of your bunnies fall into holes, you are out of the game. So be wary, think ahead and look carefully before moving any of your bunnies.

Pros Of The Game

  • Helps kids with skills like colour co-ordination and counting
  • Easy to set up, store and requires no batteries
  • Unpredictable, fun and keeps attention spans
  • Easy to follow and brings out competition
  • Families of all ages can enjoy, quite addictive
  • A good balance of luck and skill, can plan and think ahead

Cons Of The Game

  • Cards can easily be damaged, a problem for a kids game
  • People outside of families won’t get much from it
  • Need to watch out between old and new versions since the old version doesn’t have as much
  • Could have more players for more fun

Should You Get Funny Bunny?

People are saying this is a favourite Ravensburger game for them and are finding it addicting. It was designed to help kids with colour recognition and counting skills, some schools even have the game to reap the benefits it gives to kids.

As you’d expect it’s an easy straightforward game, but we knew what the demographic was just looking at the packaging. But if you want to play with adults, maybe turn it into a gambling game, be my guest!

A game can usually last around 15-20 minutes. It can be hard when keeping kids attention spans, but this game seems to pull it off nicely. I think what keeps children engaged here is the right-amount of unpredictability thrown into the game, keeping them interested on which bunny will fall next and where. Plus the fast-paced flow of the game keeps low attention spans involved.

The cards are quite thin so should be taken with care, however you know with 4 year olds there is little chance with this, so maybe laminating the cards would’ve been a good move.

You’re better getting the newer version of the game. The old version is aged 5 and up without the obstacles, whilst the newer version has them and is aged 4 and up. Even slightly younger than four can get into it, the rules are quite straightforward.

The more players you have the more fun it is, with all those bunnies on the board there’s a greater chance of them falling off, so when turning the carrot everyone tenses up, worried whether their pieces will fall, which is exciting too, you’ll have a grin when other players fall when they were so close to the finish line.

Some parents wished the craziness could be even madder by having more players, thus more bunnies on the board. I don’t know if this would be too much for the game, but the option could be good since it works better with more players.

I see elements of Hungry Hungry Hippos here in terms of satisfactory family gameplay and just pure chaos. It looks like a mad house, or mad hill, seeing so much going on, leaving it very engaging as you play as a family.

This game has a good combination of luck and skill. Luck in what cards you get and your bunnies surviving, and skill in which bunnies to move and planning out your routes whilst taking advantage of the safe spaces. Game plans will help here, some tactics can take you a long way with which bunnies to go with and where to put them.

It’s colourful, clever in its layout and has a sweet, quirky theme where the enjoyment is centered. Gosh even older kids can have fun with it. Adults can have fun here too, the competition is there and you’ll be revelling in victory when you reach the carrot first, there’s enough carrot there for your bunny for years.

Usually kids games can get redundant for adults, but this one manages to keep everyone happy for long periods to the point where you might play throughout the year rather than just Easter!

A pure family game at its best if you want to have a nice fun experience with your kids. With a mixture of learning and fun, children can play it for ages. As you can imagine they all want to turn the carrot and watch the madness consume the board, a great distraction for them to focus on.

It runs without batteries, needs no setup, and can be stored away easily, which are always ticks in many peoples boxes.

It’s hard to find much wrong with this game considering it knows what it wants to achieve and does it brilliantly. It closes the age gap and has your kids laughing and playing besides you, what can be better. Who would’ve thought a basic premise like this would get the great reception it has.

Simple but fun, I reckon this Funny Bunny board game will be a memorable hit for some time amongst this area of the board gaming market. It’s not really aimed for people outside the family aspect, and you won’t get anything challenging, heavily involved or something that gets your brain thinking too much outside of some tactics on moving the pieces. Just some lighthearted rabbit insanity which can bring a smile to yours and kids’ faces. All I know is, I’m eager for an After Eight Easter egg right about now.

Thank you very much for reading! What do you think of Funny Bunny? Will you get it? Is it a hit with your kids? Do you see the learning aspects from it? Is it a lot of fun with the family? Could anything be added to it? All comments are welcome!

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10 Replies

  1. Thank you for this very in depth review. We have a holiday house we go to and it has no internet, so we play a lot of board games. My young son really loves them and it also teaches them how to be gracious losers, at least that is my hope. I actually prefer games with less people so that they finish quicker, as you stated 20 min duration can be a long time for young ones. I also find young children struggle with losing so if the game finishes quickly there is a chance to play another one. Thank you for the information on buying the version for 4 plus as this is the newer version. Great review.

    1. You’re welcome, me and my family like staying in cottages during our holidays, and the owners who lend them to us usually have board games lying around for us to play, certainly a nice refresher from no wi-fi. It’s nice to have kids playing nice and losing graciously. They might not realize how long they’ve been playing when jumping from quick game to quick game. I’m sure your son will be hooked and will want you to play with him over this constantly. You’re welcome, glad this helped, have a great time.

  2. Nothing beats using a fun game as a learning medium for kids. My kids would absolutely fall in love with this as I see it as something they would really enjoy to play with their friends and I guess I can sometimes also play with them as adults can also have some fun with this.
    This definitely beats the games they currently have. I would have to get one of these and use it as a surprise gift.

    1. Kids and adults will have a fun time all round playing this together. I’m sure your kids will certainly appreciate the surprise, hope you get the most fun out of it!

  3. I used to love these type of games when i was a kid. Brings back a lot of fun memories. Great post. Thanks for indepth explanation. The nostalgia. Now i need to find somebody to play with : )

    1. I’m glad the fun times are all coming back to you, once you find someone I’m sure you’ll feel like a kid again playing it. You’re welcome!

  4. Ravensburger games are the most popular ones for our family game night. Not only are these games fun for the family, but they do have the educational aspect to them. I don’t have Funny Bunny among my collection yet, but I am sure it will be a hit with the family.

    1. Glad to hear you’re a Ravensburger game family, they have made some good ones and have good intentions for kids learning in mind. This will surely be a hit for you guys and you can rate if it’s in your top 5 Ravensburger games.

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