I know sometimes board games which enquire more physical attributes can be less appealing after a long day school/work. However, if you want to win this game you better make sure your knackered eyes still have the juice to depict the silent words your fellow players are throwing your way. The Hearing Things board game does exactly what it says on the tin, and there’s probably been some other versions of this game at some point, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t.

On the vibe of charades and Pictionary, you can certainly enforce teamwork and bragging rights with this one. No pieces or lucky dice, it’s all on you and your skills to win. The appealing pop-art styled box showing off the headphones certainly stands out, and it can be a nice change of pace if you’re looking for a game that is flexible in the number of players (4-8, though less than 4 is no problem), a bit of fun, and can easily be picked up as well as put down. So, is the game worth it?

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What Do You Get?

  • 1 set of headphones with built-in sounds and timer
  • 150 cards with 600 phrases

How Do You Play?

  1. Players are split into two teams and decide which team is going first.
  2. One player puts on the headphones and presses the button on the side to turn on the loud sound.
  3. The other players in the team then take turns to read out loud the phrases written on the cards.
  4. When a phrase has been answered correctly, the next player reads the next card, and this continues until the 60-second time limit is up.
  5. The other team perform the same process. Both teams keep going until a winner is declared. It’s up to the players to decide when the game is over.

Pros Of The Game

  • Easy to play
  • Good fun
  • Good for teamwork and engaging

Cons Of The Game

  • Headphones don’t work properly all the time
  • Batteries are not included
  • Little replay-ability

Should You Get Hearing Things?

It don’t get much simpler than that! A lip-reading challenge that puts you through your paces, the Hearing Things Board game is best for playing at parties, the more people the merrier. You can definitely have a laugh and good times with others during this game. Its ridiculous simplicity is both good for ease of play, so you can jump right in, whilst also making it short-lived and easy to move on from, so brief spurts are best.

Clearly the fun is in the incorrect guesses made by players. As you play, plenty of silly, ridiculous guesses are made, making it hilarious. You can even come up with your own phrases if you run out of cards, creativity can fly here. The age is 12 and up, too young and kids might have difficulty miming words or might get frustrated easy.

Unfortunately, a huge set back to the game is its chief item, the headphones. There seems to be a bug with them considering they’re not very loud. When you put them on you can hear the sound on of people chattering attempting to mask any outside noise, but you can still hear others.

I’ve heard some people had to put in earphones beneath the game’s headphones or them against their ears because they could still hear what the person is saying. The other players could perhaps mouth or whisper the words but then it might a bit awkward with all the other players being in silence. They could do with a volume button.

On another note, they require 2 x AAA to work, which don’t come with the box. This can happen with plenty of games, but for something with as little items as this, it feels chucking a couple of batteries our way couldn’t have hurt, even if provided in different countries.

The headphones also have a red button which lights up and gives your designated time, which is cool. But it’s a very quick game on top of being simple, which can lead to it getting boring after a while and you’ll move onto something else.

I would say for gatherings and off the cuff enjoyment with others is where this game belongs but considering the headphones don’t really work it defeats the object. If you buy it be aware of problems, and if you don’t come across any problems just take the game for what it is and don’t expect much more.

I wouldn’t really recommend this since you could do all right with coming up with your own words with less of the frustration or need to make up for the purchase. It’s at its best when at loud parties to help block the noise or using your own means to block it, or for the odd short play. I prefer a game of charades myself, even if I’m not that good!

Thanks for reading. How did you find Hearing Things? A lot of fun? Were the headphones working for you? Have you had enough of it? Please share your thoughts!

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7 Replies

  1. This game is really the funniest! I’ve see my friends play it and agree it”s more interesting to keep it short. This is a very helpful review for buying this bored game. Thanks for the post!

  2. Haha sounds like great fun, this is a new and unique way of playing within a team and playing charades which I have not seen before. Loved your description of the whole game, I do think I would be able to play even after a long day at work, and for a change it’s one for adults or kids

    1. Hi Ann, it certainly is a new take on charades, it sounds like one you can play with friends plenty of times at get-togethers. Thank you very much!

  3. Haha sounds like great fun, this is a new and unique way of playing within a team and playing charades which I have not seen before. Loved your description of the whole game, I do think I would be able to play even after a long day at work, and for a change it’s one for adults or kids alike.

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