Developed by Van Ryder Games and designed by A.J. Porfiirio in 2015, the Hostage Negotiator game is a solitaire (single player) card and dice game, where you have the responsibility of negotiating with an aggressive abductor who has taken hostages. Play cards to alter dice rolls, use special cards and collect conversion points to buy new cards in order to resolve the threat and free hostages.

After this in 2017, an expansion pack called Crime Wave was released, providing new Terror Cards, Abductors, Conversion Cards, Pivotal Events and new demands which can all either be integrated with the original game or be played on its own. Now an overarching campaign called Career is on Kickstarter, combining all previous content as a conclusion to the franchise.

You’ve graduated the academy and are dealing with the hardships of life as you balance out your multiple hostage negotiations and career with your personal life. This campaign requires most of the existing content, turning what experience you have with the game into a 10-year campaign, each round in the game equating one year. Along with tense negotiations, you’ll go through key events during 4-6 hours of gameplay in a replay able system that has a different abductor each time.

Gain awards and promotions as well as find hidden cards and secret packets whilst you improve your skills. There’s so much more to this and you can read it all here. If you’re a fan of the original Hostage Negotiator game, you’ll love this. It raises the experience to a new level, showing true innovation and creativity. You can certainly see these games becoming classics. Kickstarter for Career ends on May 17th and is expected to be released in March 2020. Get your thinking caps and magnifying glasses out and try a single player game with a different style!

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