Based on the video game, KOSMOS, along with Paradox Interactive, will be releasing a Cities Skylines game which sees players trying to build their own city whilst handing everyday problems. Designed by Rustan Hakansson, this is a 1-4 player co-operative board game where you can either be an urban developer or the mayor of the city itself!

If you’ve played the original game, you’ll know about the sensitive balance between expanding your city and maintaining any problems it faces. Too much focus on building any you’ll come across issues such as crime and pollution. Too much focus on issues and your smaller city can get overpopulated.

The board game marketing manager at KOSMOS experienced a demo of the game at UKGE with Rustan. He could see the gameplay and elements of the video game come to life. He said:

“After seeing the setup, I found myself in familiar territory right away,” he said. “The tracks for managing pollution, crime, traffic, of course, and all the rest were there. After deciding which of the zones we wanted to start on and starting off with our first small residential zone, our group set to work planning how we could expand our city to greatest effect.”

“When the option to build a monument became available to me, I thought I had spotted an excellent spot to build it. However, when the team looked at our available funds and other options in our hands of cards, it was clear that holding off would help our score much more if we setup the surrounding neighbourhoods more. Players are free to choose when to advance to the next Milestone and expand into more territories, but you have to be sure this will leave you in a state where you won’t bankrupt yourself.”

You’ll find there is great replay ability with this game as there are a number of starting scenarios which allow you to build different cities and stand-out buildings. If this is your cup of tea you can pre-order the Cities Skylines game here. It is set to be released on October 2019, so let your creativity and architecture skills grow and build an eyesore!

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