Funforge has announced there will be a sequel to Antione Bauza’s beautiful exploration game Tokaido board game, released in 2012, called Namiji. Tokaido gave a relaxed feel in its gameplay as players took a journey around a stunningly designed board by Xavier Gueniffey Durin, beholding the East Sea Road, exploring landmarks and meeting new people, all in an elegant, immersive setting.

Namiji’s board is also designed by Durin, with the game having a similar tone to it’s predecessor, whoever is last goes first and can go as far as they want across the route. What’s new though is that players now travel through islands by boat, as they go fishing and take in the scenery, so new choices can be made here. Also there are Whale panorama cards and plenty of unique spaces.

You can fish for tokens, gain points with a push your luck bag using Shrimping spaces and build fish. Rock spaces give endgame scoring cards and whirlpools which remove negative point origami boats. Also there’s a unique fishing spot that allows to draw a double tile with two identical fish, and cards earned at docks give bonuses to certain actions later performed.

Although the coastal track on the board has been replaced by a circular naval route, it’s still easy to follow. Between Durin’s design and Bauza’s gameplay set up, it really looks like an impressive project.  This follows suit to a very impressive response to Tokaido which had two expansions, Matsuri and Crossroads, was adapted for mobile, and had a remastered edition in 2017 for its fifth edition.

The initial images of Namiji’s prototype have been released at this year’s Festival International des Jeux in France. It’ll be out in stores later this year, for more information be sure to check up on Namiji’s press release. It looks like this sequel to the successful Tokaido Board Game is following in stride and can be another hit!

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