Designed by Martin Looij, in The Dutch East Indies, you are a captain who sails around the Wild Islands with two ships, searching for spices before other countries and bringing them home. You can trade spices or take them by force, all whilst using the resources on your ship, which can hold coins and resource cubes. You can upgrade your ships for better attack, defence or more room to carry more goods. Parts that can be upgraded include cannons, speed and cargo. The fastest player to collect 8 spices, two of each type, and bring them back home is the winner.

If you have played and liked this deliver naval game, you’ll certainly like their expansion, Adventures On The High Seas. The creators Keep Exploring Games announced a Kickstarter Campaign for this first expansion for the game. Some ideas they had were cut out of the original game because it would’ve been too expensive if they kept them. But now that it is doing well and selling plenty, they’re adding these extra ideas via this expansion so strategic players can get even more fun!

You get 6 modules added to the main game, and you can add any or all of them to the game. These are Forts, Settlements, Treasures, Events, Reefs and Crew. Home islands are no longer safe and you’ll have to defend them, you can build settlements on wild islands producing crates for you to earn more, if you find treasure you get gold, you can come across events such as the Kraken and lightning strikes, reefs will need to be steered around or if you’re daring tackle them head on, and hire locals for their services and to help upgrade your ship.

Adventures On The High Seas is compatible with both the standard and deluxe editions of the main game, with the deluxe version providing metal coins, wooden spices, and plastic crates and ships. The campaign on Kickstarter for this ends on May 17th, with the expansion expected to be out in October this year. The Dutch East Indies is a great game, and the developers are in tune with their fans, continuously making upgrades to help improve their experience, e.g. improving the iconography on the player boards. This is worth checking out if you’re into strategy, go ahead and explore the seas!

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