On 12th June it was announced by the OP (USAopoly) that a Disney and Pixar game licensed by Toy Story will be released this fall. It is co-operative deck-building game called Obstacles & Adventures, which has people playing as the well-known toys from the films including Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep and Rex.

The toys need to work together in order to have a happy ending. This has the same deck building mechanics as the award-winning game Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, which allows you to run through the story line of the films.

The game has six boxes of cards, each one representing a different Toy Story movie or short. When you unlock a box, the content from that movie or short is brought into the game, bringing more characters like Hamm and Jesse into play, as well as challenges and foes into battle, like Sid and Prospector Pete.

This is for 2-5 players of ages 8 and up. It is also revealed that a Toy Story licensed Collector’s Chess Set will be released, featuring figures of both familiar and new characters. For more information go here. These are a must have for Toy Story fans and board gamers alike, probably made in the spirit of Toy Story 4 coming out this year, great additions to the franchise!

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